Pirate Matters

Chronic Meter Reunion Benefit Concert

22,Jul - Author

Chronic Meter Guadalupe PosterI first heard of this benefit concert through a good friend of mine, who also introduced me to Chronic Meter. It turns out Chronic Meter was formed in 1992, and are influenced by bands like Tool, Far, and Deftones. They were popular in the San Diego music scene during the 90s, and now they reunited after 15 years to throw a benefit concert show at The Casbah, to help establish a college fund for the children of a recently deceased couple.

All of the proceeds of the show are going to The Bryce and Cooper Kaufman Fund. The band’s goal was to raise $10,000, and as of last night the lead singer mentioned ...

The Floating Work Space – Captain, Full Steam Ahead!

06,Jul - Author

As an SEO, I have spent my entire career working in windowless offices, and staring at really boring plastered white walls. I even considered myself fortunate when my boss had put up on the wall one of those cheesy “You Can Do It” inspirational pictures of the Grand Canyon.

Well the time has come to break that mold, or in the words of the great Scottsman William Wallace “FREEEEEDDDDOOOOMMMM”.


How are we going to achieve this freedom of sunshine and fresh air?

The answer: A Goddamn Pirate Ship!

That’s right we want to claim the open seas of freedom on a pirate ship! Initial research revealed that internet marketers working on a pirate ship were destined not to work. But we could pull this off ...

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