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We can be a powerful resource for savvy business owners, traditional marketing agencies and in-house teams. By hiring Elevated Search as a consulting partner, you get access to the experience we bring to the table, to the horsepower we can provide as well as the up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening in the SEO world.

For The Business Owner

We can help small to medium sized business owners who are savvy and have the resources needed to deploy a formidable SEO effort without fully needing a team such as ours getting too involved. If you’re pro-active, and just need to tap into the experience and knowledge we bring to the table, hiring us as your consulting partner might be a great way to keep costs down while still managing to succeed with your SEO efforts.

Here are some ways we may help your business:

  • Provide you with a solid foundation to bounce ideas off.
  • Consult on specific projects you may be embarking on with your website(s).
  • Provide you with the link building horsepower you need to reinforce your efforts.
  • Update you on relevant developments with the search engines’ algorithms.
  • Juggle tennis balls and sing songs in Portuguese, and much more.

Our consulting engagements are highly customized to meet the needs of our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about how we might be a good fit for each other, then let’s talk.

For The Traditional Marketing Agency

We have had successful partnerships with traditional and digital agencies that specialize in different aspects of Online Marketing. If your agency needs to ease the bandwidth of your team from tasks related to SEO, or if it needs to provide services in an area that it’s just not particularly strong in, then let’s talk and see if we might be a good fit for each other.

Below are some ways we may be able to help traditional marketing agencies (and digital ones too):

  • Doing the SEO work you’re just not that good at.
  • Providing the horsepower you need through link building efforts, and/or other SEO related tasks.
  • Easing the bandwidth from your teams by taking over tasks we’re better prepared to deliver on.
  • Conducting in-person seminars, or webinars, to your team, educating them on the latest developments in the search engine marketing world.
  • Any more ideas? Let us know what you’re thinking…

Every relationship is different, and we don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions in online marketing, especially when it comes to consulting. If you’re looking for a group of experienced guys, with agency experience, to help your business and your clients, then let’s talk about it.

For The In-House Team

Over the years we have had clients who learned so much from working with us, that they decided to build their own in-house SEO teams. It worked for some, not so much for others, but that’s a different story. The bottom line is that we have found value in providing backup to in-house SEO teams, and have found that doing so often times has made them much more productive and efficient.

Here are some ways in which your in-house SEO team may benefit from working with us:

  • We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience for them to tap into as a resource.
  • In-house teams often lack the ability to build links proficiently – we can help with that.
  • We can provide weekly or monthly educational workshops, in-person or online, to keep your in-house team up to speed on the latest and greatest in the SEO world.
  • We can serve as a resource with some admin aspects of putting together an in-house team, such as helping with hiring interviews, knowledge evaluations, and more.
  • Any other ideas of how we might be able to help you? Let us know.

Every in-house SEO team is different, and we have worked with (and been part of) different teams and focused on different areas of organic search. If you feel that we may be able to help your in-house SEO team, then get in touch with us and let’s see where it goes.

Ready to cut the BS and talk shop with some seasoned industry guys? We’re here for you!
Let’s take the next step and talk about your business. After the first 5 minutes we will know if there’s something there. Give us a call at (760) 814-9178, or fill out our contact form.

Client Testimonials

Shawn B.
Director, Business Development and Online Marketing - Q-Industries
"Ricardo (Co-Founder of Elevated Search) and his staff did a great job of managing our account from start to finish. Their level of effort was ABOVE what was contractually obligated and the results spoke for themselves. Even across different time zones he was responsive, flexible and open to change as we crafted a search engine optimization strategy."
Danny D.
CEO at
"Steve (Co-Founder of Elevated Search) is on the forefront of search engine optimization. It is clear that his knowledge goes beyond the basic understanding of how to market in search engines but he clearly understands and can conceptualize on a level that I have not found in too many search experts. He is easy to work with and is a strong role model to others in our company that are just learning. We are lucky to have Steve as a resource for our company."

Let’s elevate Your Business

Give us 5 minutes of your time and let’s see if we are a good fit. If we are not, we can help you find someone who is. It’s a no-lose proposition.

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