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It’s no secret that organic keyword rankings are the most common way of tracking performance from a Search Engine Optimization effort. What many businesses miss out on is figuring out which keyword phrases are the ones that can provide the best bang for their buck. You may have keyword phrases that rank very high in the SERPs, but are they the same terms that match your conversion rate goals?

We focus on creating connections between the work that we do, how our actions improve rankings for the right keyword phrases, and how the increased rankings for those terms improve your bottom-line – it’s that simple.

That’s how we’ve been able to achieve case studies where during the first 90 days of the start of an engagement, we improved organic traffic by 133% for the right keyword phrases, which boosted conversions by 264%.

Our services are aimed at increasing the rankings for the right keyword phrases, which will increase your organic traffic, which will boost your conversions. Over the past 8 years we have developed and fine-tuned our SEO tactics around:

  • On Page Optimization
  • White Hat Link Building
  • Local and Google Places Optimization
  • Search & Usability Consulting

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Having worked in in-house team, small and large marketing agencies, few people know about the difference between what a boutique consultancy such as Elevated Search can do, versus internet marketing agencies and in-house teams. See what makes us different below:

Agency Vs. Elevated Search (Us)

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we stack up
  • Cost
    By far the cheapest to hire is an in-house, typically because they only have 3-5 years’ experience (or less) in the market. Most Online Marketers with more tenure than that work for agencies or as consultants. The cost of an agency is very expensive, usually billing at a rate of $150-$300 per hour, even though the “talent” only receives a small portion of it. Our rate is a standard $200, but when you pay us that money, we don’t pass the work to a junior associate with a year of experience and pocket the rest. Stephen and Ricardo are the ones that work on your account.
  • Face to Face meetings
    By far the in-house person takes this since that person would work in your office, however you need to decide what is most important and if you really need a real-time full time presence. Agencies are not the best at this simply because they have a lot of accounts on their own, and a lot of people touching your account. When we work with your team, we work with the entire team, very similar to how an in-house would but with much more experience and horse power.
  • Experience Level
    Hiring Elevated Search takes the cake here. Agencies have a lot of high-level people in their team, but most of them are used to manage processes and employees, not accounts (just ask Steve and Ricardo). In-house staff will typically have 5 years or less experience. We have been in the online marketing space for over 8 years, and with use, when you hire us, you get us, Steve and Ricardo, not a 2-year associate out of college.
  • Internal Politics
    Unfortunately, all too often politics tend to take time away from agencies actually working on your account, (on their own side and your side) and typically spend more time doing this than actually working on your account. With In-house people, you need to deal with internal employee motivations, etc. With us, we tell you how it is and because we’re a boutique small group, we don’t have internal politics drama to deal with.
  • Horse Power
    Agencies have the largest horsepower for sure. In-house people will always be at the mercy of your own staff. We have substantial horsepower, and have a lot of access to a lot of talent quickly if needed.
  • Technology
    Agencies and boutique consultancies like Elevated Search will both have access to a lot more technology than your typical in house hire.
  • Stay Up to Date
    We would say we would win this battle by far. Agencies can be good at this, but most of them are worried about legacy processes, and in-house staff doesn’t have the time to keep up on Search, Social and the ever-growing world of technology.
  • Long Term Contract
    Agencies typically require a 1-2 year engagements, and employees, (depending on your state laws) are — sometimes hard to fire. Our term is 3 months at a time. Simple engagements, we test and if we find it is going to work for both parties, and then we keep going.
  • Engagements Per Person
    Agencies have a lot of overhead that does not relate to your account that you have to pay for. This means that most of their account managers are managing 20-30 clients or more (when Ricardo worked for a large agency, he had 40 clients one time). We will typically have a much lower number as a whole company. That’s why we’re selective on who we work with, we want clients we feel confident we can do good work for so that we develop long term relationships and engagements.
  • Breadth of Services
    Most in-house staff will have a particular strength, in Search, Social, Email, CRO, etc. Agencies have the largest breadth of services, but it typically costs a lot more money to access them all. We have a wide breadth of knowledge because we had to learn each of these sectors, first hand, and we are able to bring in specialists in specific areas that are needed.
  • Funneling Successes from Other Sites
    If the agency has good internal processes to share individual experiences with the entire team, then they would win this one – the problem is the vast majority of them don’t have such processes. In-house people would have almost no insight. We are involved in a network of other high-level consultants and we share shifts and changes in the landscape, without mentioning our industry experience.
  • Coordinating Departments
    Agencies are not good at this as they are process-oriented and it is too hard to fit 100 clients’ processes into their own. In-house is probably the best here as they know most of the people in the company, but a hands on group such as Elevated Search can deliver this well too.
  • Turn Over
    Turn over is critical to the success of your account. Agencies have an abnormally high turn over, and most instances it is due to the highly-competitive nature of their business. Employees will also leave at the first site of more money. What about Elevated Search? You deal directly with the Co-Founders, so we are here to stay as long as you want us to.
  • High Overhead
  • Yes
  • 1-15 Years
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 30+
  • Large
  • Yes

  • No
  • High
In House
  • Liability
  • Yes
  • 2-5 Years
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Yes
  • 1
  • Small
  • No

  • Yes
  • Medium
Opportunity Assessment

Are we a good fit?

Should our relationship continue on or stop here? Answer the questions below to find out.

  1. Do you operate a legitimate business model, and offer a product or a service that is valuable to your target market? If the answer is no, then we are not the right fit for your company.
  2. Does your service or product have a value proposition? What makes you, your product, and/or your service different than what everyone else is selling? If you have nothing of value to offer, we may not be a good fit for you. We want to engage with businesses that have something of value that sets them apart from their competition.
  3. Do you understand that it takes time and investment to build a lasting, profitable business online? The days of get-rich-quick internet schemes are over. If you understand the commitment needed to succeed online, we could be a good fit for you.
  4. Are you financially committed to seeing your online marketing campaign succeed? Online marketing budget is often regarded with less importance than it should by many businesses. While different efforts have different costs associated with them, websites cost money, and marketing costs money. If you understand this concept, and answered “Yes” to this question and the ones above, we might be a good fit!

Answering “Yes” on all of these is a good sign that we might be a great fit for you.
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Client Testimonials

Shawn B.
Director, Business Development and Online Marketing - Q-Industries
"Ricardo (Co-Founder of Elevated Search) and his staff did a great job of managing our account from start to finish. Their level of effort was ABOVE what was contractually obligated and the results spoke for themselves. Even across different time zones he was responsive, flexible and open to change as we crafted a search engine optimization strategy."
Danny D.
CEO at PremiereVanities.com
"Steve (Co-Founder of Elevated Search) is on the forefront of search engine optimization. It is clear that his knowledge goes beyond the basic understanding of how to market in search engines but he clearly understands and can conceptualize on a level that I have not found in too many search experts. He is easy to work with and is a strong role model to others in our company that are just learning. We are lucky to have Steve as a resource for our company."

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Give us 5 minutes of your time and let’s see if we are a good fit. If we are not, we can help you find someone who is. It’s a no-lose proposition.

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