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Link Building is considered to be one of the pillars of a successful SEO effort. The problem is that it is really difficult to find a company or consultant who can help you build real backlinks, that will last, that are relevant and have authority… And most importantly, that are useful.

Larry Page (co-founder of Google) once explained that the way a search engine interprets backlinks is similar to how a professor might look at his student’s Works Cited page on a college paper. The Works Cited page contains the sources of information from which that student drew information for his own paper. He cites the sources as a way of connecting his work with other authoritative and relevant works by other authors. By doing so, the student creates a certain level of trust, or validity, to the information he wrote.

Likewise, a search engine may interpret a link as a connection between two relevant sources of content on the internet. The source of the data, the webpage being linked to, is granted authority in that topic by being cited via a backlink on a relevant webpage, and so on. The process and intricacies are much more complex, but this serves as a good conceptual explanation of why links are important and how they’re interpreted.

We work hard to keep that concept alive, and to please the search engines as well as the website visitors with great, relevant links. By focusing on quality websites, and proper use of anchor text and content, we have been able to create solid long-lasting relationships with publishers, webmasters, editors, bloggers and journalists that we can leverage to help your business.

What makes our Link Building Strategy different?

We pride ourselves in creating top-notch, real authoritative links.

Our process is simple:

  • We tap into relationships we already have with bloggers, publishers and other high authoritative websites, and look for websites that are relevant to your business.
  • We discuss the new relationship on your behalf and find interested and motivated bloggers, journalists, editors and webmasters who want to publish relevant content to their readers about your business and market in general.
  • We work with the editors and find matching opportunities in editorial calendars and work together on the content that will be shared.
  • A real story is created and shared online. It is read, may be commented on, shared throughout social media websites, and a relevant, useful and real backlink is born! (it’s so beautiful that it makes us a little teary, excuse us)
  • These sites are not from spammy linking networks: instead, they come from relationships we’ve built with top domainers and publishers over the past 15 years. Once a link is placed through us, it is up on that website indefinitely. Our content is written by top notch writers; more often than not they are accomplished editors, journalists and bloggers.

Once we have placed those high authority links that will point to your site, we then strengthen their own authority by sharing them socially through social sharing/bookmarking sites and through web 2.0 properties. Those pages point to the high authority links, which in turn point to your website. By doing this, we help the conversation get started around these top tier links that are pointed to your site, increasing their quality and validity, which in turn helps our SEO effort.

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Client Testimonials

Shawn B.
Director, Business Development and Online Marketing - Q-Industries
"Ricardo (Co-Founder of Elevated Search) and his staff did a great job of managing our account from start to finish. Their level of effort was ABOVE what was contractually obligated and the results spoke for themselves. Even across different time zones he was responsive, flexible and open to change as we crafted a search engine optimization strategy."
Danny D.
CEO at
"Steve (Co-Founder of Elevated Search) is on the forefront of search engine optimization. It is clear that his knowledge goes beyond the basic understanding of how to market in search engines but he clearly understands and can conceptualize on a level that I have not found in too many search experts. He is easy to work with and is a strong role model to others in our company that are just learning. We are lucky to have Steve as a resource for our company."

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